A little bit about us....


  In 2011 the non-profit Great Foundations was born to address an un-met need for children in East Texas. Beginning in 2006 as a for-profit childcare center, it quickly became clear that something different was needed to serve young children who were struggling with specific delays. From 2006 to 2011, a large number of children ages 3 to 6 years enrolled were having violent and aggressive behaviors and many more struggled with developmental delays in emotion, social skills, academics, speech and more. It became clear that individualized attention would be the only way to prepare these young children for a positive educational future.  The ideal situation would be small student-to-teacher ratios and to make it available to all in need, regardless of financial background. The decision was made to become a non-profit organization and supplement income with support from the communities we serve.  The childcare center was closed and a specialized program began.  

Sensory Play

  With Brain Gym as the center of the program, our staff works as a team with the child, family, and outside resources to address every aspect of the student’s needs. We create an Individualized Education Plan with input from all involved and include nutrition, hydration, movement and socialization in order to prepare each child for learning.  

Animal assisted Learning

  In addition to a learning curriculum, we provide a classroom environment on a smaller scale to aid students in practicing conflict resolution, socialization, verbalization and others. As a child is faced with a challenge, our staff will assist that child in working through and understanding his or her frustration. Alternatives and choices given to the child help them have the power to make decisions and to have some control of direct outcomes. We practice on the belief that children cannot learn unless learning barriers are first removed.      With this program, the children of your community and ours are provided an opportunity to enjoy learning. Your support allows us to help the children and families who would otherwise have no other options. We are proud to serve you and the communities of East Texas.